There may be Monsters by David Hamra

Explore the world and discover its mysteries, but watch out there may be monsters. I'm 26 and have just recently discovered my love for all things digital media. I especially enjoy doing 3D work and hope to continue for years to come.

Deadline by Nathanial Preller

A First Person Puzzle Game, That Begins In an office. The video was a bit rushed due to time constraints, so some things still need fixing up ! Find more of my work here

Tiny Islands Trailer by Nicole Williams

Tiny Islands is a small point and click game with text adventure elements. Explore the vibrant scenery to uncover its mysteries and secrets. Figure out how you got there. Wonder if you are truly alone. Uncover a dark past and await the inevitable future. Have an argument with a tree. Find out more about this game and other projects by Nicole Williams at

The Portals of Blob by Jessica May

This is a game about a child trying to save hid village. I am a 3D modeller and game designer. One day, I'll be big.