Tout est possible by Meriba Kare

This is a music video illustrating what the song is about which is that anything is possible. He encourages people to follow their dreams no matter how hard it can be to fulfill them. The images shows his own path, going from singing in his diy recording studio in his house to performing on stage.

Trackday by Nicholas Miller

What happens when the race track is taken away from the driver? Short film, 'Track Day', explores the complications Victorian car enthusiasts experience pursuing their passion in a landscape where the media negatively stigmatize amateur driving.

Arrows vs Powers by Sam Robinson

"What happens when someone with a bow and arrow meets someone with super speed…"

The Minority Dream Sequence by Meric Muhammed

The Minority is a short extract from a larger project. It is a dream sequence that portrays a protagonist in a nightmare, lucky for him it was only a bad dream…. Or was it? The Minority is a representation of individuals from different types of minority groups who find themselves in unnecessary struggles.